The topic of this article has been a hotly debated issue on both radio and television.

In my humble opinion, it should not be so.  Ghana has major problems in the agricultural sector which need to be addressed, before we discuss bringing in genetically modified foods. We cannot say we want food in abundance when we do not have adequate storage facilities, good roads to transport them and many other pressing issues in the agriculture sector. It will be like telling God to create man before creating plants and animals.

Moreover, the safety of such products is not verified yet, in fact, we are the lab rats to test the safety of such technology. This is sad but true. In fact, genetically engineered food is being consumed daily with no thorough research of its potential threats on human health.

Many governments have been under enormous pressure to ban genetically modified foods. In India, farmers are believed to have committed suicide due to the adverse effects it has had on their farm lands.

We should not be in a haste to make a decision which we might regret later. I believe that Ghana does not need genetically modified foods now or even in the future for that matter but if anybody proves to me to the contrary, I would humbly and readily accept that I am wrong.