The advent of multi-party democracy from 1992, has brought with it the opportunity for people to express views on whatever is happening in the country provided, they exercise this right with the responsibility it goes with.

While freedom of expression represents one of the major tenets of Ghana’s constitution, and also incidentally coincides with the true values of democracy, the use of defamatory, derogatory, offensive words or insults which now occupy a near permanent position in the Ghanaian media, particularly the radio must be eschewed totally, if we hope to grow our young democracy.

Freedom of expression for me does not give one the right to insult those with whom they disagree, but rather to learn to agree to disagree. In my view democracy and its associated freedom of expression must be used to protect the moral values of society including the right to enforce the principle of equal rights and respect for diverse persuasions or backgrounds. This paper calls on the citizenry of Ghana, to look back to where we have come from as a nation, give thanks to God and use their energies to help build a better democratic country, worthy of emulation.


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