The story of how Ananse’s second daughter got married.

When Ananse’s second daughter reached marriage-able age, he thought of a way of choosing the best young man of the village for the girl. This he did by asking all the men who were asking for the girl’s hand in marriage to engage in a wrestling bout and he picked the conqueror as the husband. There were six handsome young men and a day was appointed for the wrestling match. The villagers came around in large numbers and one of the suitors called Owuo came out victorious, having beaten all the others in a very keenly contested match.

But there was another condition which Owuo had to fulfill in order to fulfill in order to win the hand of Ananse’s daughter. He was to join other brave young men of the village in a hunting expedition in which a lion was to be killed. Furthermore, if the lion was killed by the bullets from the man’s gun, then such a man, apart from winning the maiden, was held in high honour by the society. Owuo, therefore, joined in the expedition and showed great courage by stepping out boldly to shoot and kill a lion. For his prize, he won the hand of Ananse’s daughter and was given special honour as a veteran hunter.

Soon a boy was born to Owuo and his wife. When the boy was twelve, he heard of the father’s brave exploits and was determined to win a name and public acclaim for himself just as his father had done. Later on, he joined the Chief’s army and became a very strong and skillful soldier. The boy’s quest for greatness and high esteem continued until he was made to command his people’s army and he overran all their neighbours and subjected them to the payment of tribute to Ananse’s village.

It was then that he became satisfied that, like his father, he would also be held in great esteem by the citizens of the land. He did his father and his grandfather Ananse proud for belonging to the most illustrious family of their village.

Ananse Stories Retold: Some Common Traditional Tales (Paperback)
Author: Luke Gyesi- Appiah
Illustrator: Vesta Wuddah- Marktey
Publisher: Heinemann International Literature & Textbooks


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