​“My Woman, My Everything” 

Episode 4
We will meet tonight and talk about it, Mr Edward said

“Sorry Sir, we were just……” Fii tried explaining.

“Would you shut up there, are you aware this is an institution, i will personally see to it that you suffer for your actions.”

“Sir please” Adobea pleaded “And as for you, you amaze me, both of you should follow me to my office now”  said Mr. Edwards.

Mr. Edward was actually angry over the fact that Adobea refused to call him the previous night as they agreed, and to see her kissing with some other guy got him more furious.

However he thought this could be the perfect opportunity to get what he want from Adobea. He had an interest in her even though he was a married man.

That was usual of him, He has a way of manipulating the students into his bed. This was the same intention he had for Adobea.

As they got to his office, he instructed Fii to wait outside living him and Adobea alone in his office.

“Adobea, you have really disappointed me, am a good person to refer this matter to the school authorities” Mr. Edward said.

“Sir please, it won’t happen again, i beg off you.” Adobea pleaded.

“Hmm, i am going to spare you, because i like you, but its going to be on a condition” Mr. Edward said.

“Condition? Asked Adobea

“Yea Condition, and its very simple” Mr.Edwards continued.

“Just give me a call tonight, we will meet somewhere and talk about it and if you don’t call, you have yourself to blame” He warned her.

Adobea at this point kept wondering what Mr Edward had in stock for her and felt unsafe. He then dismissed her.

She narrated what transpired at the office to Fii. He also didn’t feel comfortable upon hearing this.

“Fii, i need you to help me on this, just be there for me tonight. ” Adobea asked.

“Don’t worry dear, but how do i do that” asked Fii

“Just be available, i will call you to come over when i get to know where he wants us to meet” Adobea suggested

They exchange contact and went towards their lecture hall.

Before they entered the hall, Fill held Adobea by hand, looked into her eyes and said

“I love you”

Adobea smiled, her face brighten with her wide smile on her lips. She was happy to hear these words from Fii.

“I will reply when all this is over”

She said.

To be continued


​My Woman My Everything.

Episode 3
Adobea went home after she met his absence. Indeed the night was long, she stood up all night remembering her encounter with Fii.

She didn’t even know his name. She kept on remembering the whole scenario to the extent that she forgot to call the Lecturer Mr. Edwards.

She tossed and turn around on her bed as the face of Fii kept appearing in her mind.

“Am i in love?” She asked herself. “No, this can’t be me, i don’t love like that. Probably am just crushing on him. Yeah that’s the word – Crush, am crushing on him, lets see what tomorrow has in stoke” She asked herself.

It wasn’t different from Fii, He was also at home thinking of these mystery girl she met in class but was interrupted by a knock on the door.

Apparently, it was his ex girlfriend Nana Ama. Fii had been trying to get back to her for the past 6 months. Nana Ama was the busy type and amateur  actress. She was always on the move with Celebrities and other top movie directors in the country. She hardly had time for Fii and their relationship, and that caused the break up.

Fii was surprise to see her at his door step. “Wow what brings you here? Lets get in” Fii requested.

“Sorry i can’t am with someone, he is waiting for me across the street. I just came here for one thing” Said Nana Ama

“Hmm, what is it” Fii asked.

She opened her purse and took out a ring. It was a promise ring Fii gave her a year ago when they were dating.

“Take it back Fii, and stop calling me, am now engage and will be getting married soon, i don’t need any set backs.” Nana Ama said that and gave Fii the ring.

You can imagine the look on Fii’s face. He was just hurt at this moment that he couldn’t utter a word. Nana Ama having given him the ring went away that instant.

Even though he was hurt, he had a reason to be happy. The thought of Adobea was still running through his mind. He decided to go to campus early the next morning with the hope that he get to interact more with Adobea before the class begins.

The night passed by and Fii was already on the move early that morning. Lectures was at 9:30 am, yet by 7:15 he was just 5 minutes away from the school.

He got to campus and head straight to the lecturer hall.

To his amazement Adobea was already in class waiting for him.

Their eyes met, and for a while they kept staring at each other. Adobea stood up and went towards him. She then stood right in front of him, looked straight into his eyes and asked

“What’s your name”

“Fii” He answered

“Adobea” she continued without waiting for him to even asked.

They stood there still staring at each other. The words were few. Their eyes did all the talking and before you knew it, they were kissing.

The kiss was so real that they felt each other’s breath while kissing, they were wrestling against each other. Before the kiss got intense they were interrupted.

“What do you think you are doing”

They quickly stopped to see who it was.

It was Mr. Edwards the lecturer.

To be continued.

​My Woman My Everything.

Episode 2
“Do you two know each other already” asked the lecturer

Adobea was silent, she didn’t know the answer to give the lecturer.

“Lady, i asked you a question” said the lecturer

It was obvious that Fii had to come out with something

“Yes sir, she is a good friend of mine way back in High school” Fii intervene.

One lie lead to the other, the lecturer ignored them and continued with the class.

It was amazing how Adobea and Fii for the first time clicked. The chemistry between them was just above the limit. You could tell from the look on their faces that they wanted the class to end so they can talk to each other.

Adobea couldn’t hold herself, she took a sheet of paper and wrote”Thank you”, she then passed it to Fii who quickly replied.

For close to 20 minutes, Adobea and Fii were just exchanging notes of messages. They were getting along pretty well. The smiles on their faces was a sign that they were enjoying every bit of the conversation.

On the first day, they just didn’t pay attention to the lecturer, their attention was on each other. Unfortunately the class had to come to an end and the lecturer dismissed the class.

Before Fii could ask of Adobea’s name on his final note, the Lecturer asked Adobea to see him.

She walked out of the class to see the lecturer who had already sat in his vehicle.

He made Adobea sit in the car and drove her away from the presence of the Students.

Adobea curiously asked the lecturer “Sir, where are we going, i have to go home”

“Don’t worry am just driving you away from these students, they talk too much, and by the way you can call me Mr. Edward, am not comfortable with you calling me sir” The lecturer answered.

“Ok Sir, sorry Mr. Edward, may i know what i have done wrong? Adobea asked

” why do you think you have done something wrong? I called you here to meet your acquaintance, as a lecturer, one of my roles is to seek the welfare of my students. I won’t waste your time, take my card and call me tonight”

Adobea took the card and got down from his car. She actually wanted to see Fii before going home, she rushed back to the lecture hall to meet the absence of Fii.

Fii had waited for all this while and had already left cause he thought Adobea had gone home.

To be continued.


​My Woman My Everything.

Episode 1
An Educative story u cnt miss.
Wealth, Class, Beauty, Fame, name it, Adobea has it all.

She was from a wealthy and a highly respected family. Her father happens to be one of the most Successful Entrepreneur in the Country.

Adobea never lacked anything except friends.

All the people around her where either opportunist and the few she could actually rely on were not comfortable around her.

This made her unhappy. She needed friends she can confined in. But her money can’t buy that.

The only way she thought she can get what she want is to go back to Tertiary school in disguise.

She had already finished with her first degree in UK yet she was willing to embark on this mission.

She applied and eventually gain admission. From her personal savings she can pay all her fees for the whole duration of her program, However Adobea kept this as a secret from her father.

She was completely on her own. She had  to go to school using the public transport “Trotro” leaving behind her luxurious cars that she owned.

She rented a room close to her new school, bought some dress to look like a regular lady. It was the first time for lectures and all the fresh students gathered at the lecture hall waiting for class to begin.

The atmosphere was filled with tension as they were all new to the Tertiary system. They hardly knew themselves either.

Adobea had not arrived yet, she was running late on her first day on campus, she did that on purpose cause she wanted to be noticed ones she entered the class. Soon a lecturer arrived and shortly after, the class began.

Adobea arrived in class while lectures was on going. Indeed she was noticed by all the students as she looked very charming even in her simple and regular dress.

She quickly spotted an empty chair and sat on it. Adobea was not the only one late tho, Fiifi arrived shortly in a rush right after Adobea got seated.

Fii was sweaty all over, however he went straight ahead and sat right beside Adobea. He didn’t realize the beauty he was sitting beside until Adobea gave him a handkerchief to wipe off the sweat.

The lecturer noticed what Adobea did and he said

“Shame, how can a handsome guy like you go around with no handkerchief”

Fii got embarrassed with the lecturer’s comment as the whole class got something to laugh about. Adobea felt bad for him and told the lecturer that

“Sir, the handkerchief belong to him, he actually leaned it to me on our way here”

“Do you two know each other already” asked the lecturer

To be continued.