​”My Woman, My Everything”

Episode 10
Nana Ama: “I think we have something in common here”

Adobea: “Really, what is it?

Nana Ama: “its Fii”
Adobea: “I don’t understand you”

Nana Ama: “Don’t be so dumb girl, we are in love with the same guy here and one of us must back out”

Adobea: “interesting”

Nana Ama: “Fii  and i have been dating each other for over 2 years now, i had to leave because i needed some space but now am back and you must be on your way out”

Adobea laughed, as much as this issue was a serious one, she found it funny to be hearing such things from her.

Nana Ama: ” and whats funny about this?

Adobea: “look lady, was this why you called me here. Now listen and listen carefully. I know Fii and not you. I don’t know whatever went on with you two and honestly speaking i don’t want to know. Fii and i have something going on and so far as am concerned, he has already made his choice. He should be the one you should talk to and not me. If you may excuse me, i have something important to do.”

Adobea walked out on her and went straight home. This sparked up the dark side of Nana Ama.

“Wow, did she just showed me that attitude? She must be joking. This is just the beginning. I will get my man back. I certainly will.” Nana Ama told herself and also left the scene.

She was going to coil back, study things and strike again from the weakest point.

Days passed by, Adobea and Fii got along very well with no interruption from Mr. Edward or Nana Ama. Their love grew stronger. They did everything together, come to school together, eat together, study together and spend time together. All the students got to know their dating because their relationship was public one. This enhanced the trust and transparency in the relationship.

Nana Ama made allies on campus, she monitored every movement Adobea and Fii made. She was just waiting for the right time to strike.

Soon it was time for the long-awaited lectures that the students had been preparing for. They were made aware that there will be an external resource person to take them through entrepreneurship.

All the students arrived early that morning including Adobea, Fii and Nana Ama. They were all neatly dressed in a cooperate outfit.

Their course lecturer also arrived on time but he had invited other lecturers to be present at this special occasion of which Mr. Edwards was part.

Before the resource person came, Mr. Edward had left his briefcase at his office. Randomly, he called Nana Ama to pick it up him.

Nana Ama got to his office, saw the briefcase and picked it up but she didn’t leave the office instantly. As curious as She is, she decided to go explore the office looking for nothing in particular. She noticed a particular brown envelope which has been isolated from the other office stuff.

She quickly took it and realized that the envelope was unsealed. She opened it and found the pictures of Adobea and Mr. Edwards. These Pictures were copies of the original pictures Fii took.

Nana Ama was shocked when she saw the pictures but she smiled at them. Horrible thoughts were just running through her mind. She realized what she could do with these pictures.

Meanwhile the long-awaited resource person had arrived in a latex model of Range Rover. The course lecturer went to meet him at the car park so that he can usher him into the class.

He looked tall and handsome. He wore a suit that made him looked elegant. He was just a rich courteous gentleman.

As they entered the class from the back door, the class stood up to welcome him.

Adobea who was as usual sitting with Fii turned to look at the man. She almost fainted when she saw him.

“This can’t be real” She said to herself.

It was Her Dad.
To be continued.


​”My Woman, My Everything”

Episode 9
Adobea and Fii both turned to see who it was. Fii recognized her immediately. It was his ex, Nana Ama.  Apparently, she was part of the new students who had reported late.
Fii was surprise seeing her in his class.

Adobea: “who is she Fii?

Fii: “let me see to her and get back to you”

Without answering her question, Fii went towards Nana Ama. This made Adobea suspicious and jealous, but she was able to hide her feelings until Fii comes back.

Fii: “what are you doing here Nana?

Nana Ama: ” i should be asking you that, am a student here and this happens to be my first lecture, what are you also doing here?

Fii face dropped hearing the response from her.

Fii: ” Are you saying you are a student here?

Nana Ama : Yeah and from what i can see, am in the same class with you”

Fii: “yes, good to have you here”

Nana Ama: “oh, no need for that, you don’t even mean it, remember i know you more than anyone else here, by the way who is that lady you were walking with?

Fii: ” That’s Adobea, my girlfriend, you should meet her” He then called Adobea to come so he could introduce her.

Nana Ama who finds it very hard to control her jealousy got upset. She gave Adobea an angry look. Her eyes met with Adobea and immediately you could feel the tension between them as she approached.

Fii: “Nana Ama meet Adobea my girlfriend. Baby this is Nana Ama a friend.”

Fii wanted to hide his past life with Nana Ama, as he felt that it wasn’t the right time to tell Adobea about his ex. As a matter of fact they haven’t really made time to talk about each other.

From the Introduction Nana Ama got to know that Fii wanted to hide things from Adobea.

Nana Ama: ” Nice to meet you Adobea, i really wish you luck in your relationship with Fii. He is a good guy, but my little advice, before you buy a land, make sure the land has not been sold to more than a person”

Having said this, she gave a fake smile and left to find a seat.

Adobea: “what is that suppose to mean Fii? Is there something i should know?

The question came too sudden to Fii, he will surely tell Adobea about Nana, but this was not the appropriate time and place.

Before he could open his mouth Mr. Edwards came to the class.

He wasn’t coming to teach, he came to sermon Adobea and Fii to his office. He just couldn’t wait any longer knowing the scandal they could create if he does not come into negotiation with them concerning the pictures.

Adobea left with Fii to Mr. Edwards office. She had left her hand bag on her chair to secure the seat. While they were away, Nana Ama saw Adobea hand bag, she quickly wrote a note and placed it in visible place in Adobea’s bag for her to see ones she opens her bag.

Back at Mr. Edwards office, there was an ongoing negotiation making. Adobea and Fii showed Mr. Edwards copies of the pictures and their deal was that, Mr. Edward should stay away from Adobea forever and if he fails to do so, they will take the pictures to his wife and the school authorities.

It was a fair deal so without wasting anytime Mr. Edward agreed. They went back to their class after the deal was made.

There was a lecturer already in the class when they got back. This lecturer came to pass an information that he was going to invite a resource person who is well vested in entrepreneurship to give an input on “entrepreneur”.

The class was excited about this news since it sounded very educative. When Adobea and Fii got to their seat, Adobea noticed that her hand bag has been tempered with.

She opened it to find out if any of her things have been taken. Everything was intact, the only difference was the note from Nana Ama.

She took the note and read it.

“Adobea, meet me after class. You might wanna know about the land you are farming on.

From Nana Ama.”

Adobea was interested to know what Nana Ama had to tell her. Right after class she managed to convince Fii to go home alone so she could meet up Nana Ama.

Fii didn’t know about their meeting. He thought that maybe Adobea wanted to be alone for a while. He respected her decision and went home alone.

Adobea looked around the campus in search of Nana Ama. After several search, she found her on an isolated part of the campus alone.

Nana Ama: “I knew you will find me here, seems we think alike”

Adobea : “can you please tell me why you needed to see me, am in a hurry”

Nana Ama: ” oh don’t worry, i won’t be long, this is the time for us to talk like women”

Adobea: ” am listening”

Nana Ama: ” I think we have something in common here”

Adobea: “Really, what is it?

Nana Ama: “its Fii”
To be continued.

​”My Woman, My Everything”

Episode 8 (+18)
Its was now flesh to flesh, body to body, lips to lips, tongue to tongue.
With the deep kissing, they felt each others breath. Their eyes were closed completely allowing their bodies and hands to read each other.

Adobea reached into Fii’s trousers, held his penis and rub it gently in her hands. Fii couldn’t hold on anymore. He wanted to be in control now. While kissing he slowly manipulated Adobea to lie on the sofa.

Fii came on top of her, this time around he stopped kissing her and began licking her neck down to her chest, in between her breast further to her naval and the finally on her nipples.

Adobea began moaning. Her soft moaning voice gingered and triggered Fii to do more. She held Fii’s head as she was enjoying every bit of his movements.

Adobea: ” Fii…..stop” she said in a soft voice.

Fii paused and looked her to hear what she got to say.

Adobea: ” I love you”

The magic words came out of her finally.

Fii: “i love you Adobea”

Adobea: “I know you do my love, just look into my eyes”

She manage to steal the gaze of Fii while he was lying on top of her. She gently held his hard penis again and slowly pushed it into her

Their eyes kept gazing at each other while Adobea did this. Fii felt the warmth in her and began to thrust her deep. It was a sensational moment for them and before they knew it, they both reached their point of ecstasy at the same time.

It was a long night and enjoyable night for them, a moment they can’t forget, a moment they were consumed with lust and love.

Right after the love-making, they both cuddled each other to bed naked.

Soon it was morning, of cause it was lazy for them to get out of bed but they had to because they needed to keep their eyes on Mr. Edward.

Adobea was the first to wake up, she woke her boyfriend up with a kiss and they both went to shower together. Even though they were not really prepared for lectures, they set of quickly.

Mr. Edward had arrived on campus that morning very early, hoping to get an audience with Adobea and Fii before they decide to circulate the pictures. He impatiently waited for them at his office.

Adobea and Fii got to campus but to their surprise they saw huge number of students in their class. It looked as if they now have all the new students now reporting to school.

While there were looking for a seat to sit on a lady kept calling Fii from behind. Adobea and Fii both turned to see who it was.

Fii recognized her immediately.  It was his ex, Nana Ama. Apparently, she was part of the new students who had reported late.

To be continued.

The story just began.


​”My Woman, My Everything”

Episode 7
Mrs. Edwards: “yes, room 202, am meeting my husband here”

Fii: Husband? Mr……

Before he could finish speaking Adobea smartly shouted

Adobea: “Fii my tummy”

Mrs. Edward: “Young man, i think you should rush her to the hospital now, let me not waste your time”

Fii: “Thank you madam”

Having said this, they left off. Fii knew that Adobea did that on purpose, to prevent him from exposing Mr. Edward.

Fii:” You did that on purpose right?

Adobea: “This is not the right time for him to go down, now that we know he is married, we have the upper hand. Fii just take me home, i don’t want to be here”

They quickly board a cab and set off to Adobea’s place.

Back in the hotel. Mrs Edward located the room, she opened the door to find her husband on the bed, but to her disappointment he was alone.

Mr. Edward: What are you doing here? I told you i was going for a meeting, hold on, were you following me?

Mrs Edwards nodded.

Mr. Edward: You think am a cheating husband right, apparently the meeting couldn’t come off, i was feeling drowsy so i booked this room just to relax since i can’t drive in my current condition”

He lied. Its sounded true to Mrs. Edward. She was the “easy to be convinced” type.

Mrs. Edwards: “Am so sorry, my husband, please forgive me”

Mr. Edward: “mmm, all along so you don’t trust me? How could you…”

Mrs. Edwards: “Am sorry, let me make it up to you tonight, besides its been awhile since we made love as Couples do”

Its sounded a good deal to Mr. Edward and since he didn’t succeed over Adobea, he could satisfy his lustful pleasure with his wife who was available at that moment and later deal with Adobea and Fii.

Meanwhile, Adobea and Fii had reached Adobea’s apartment, she was scared to be alone after all what she has been through at the hands of Mr. Edward back at the hotel.

Adobea: “Fii, please don’t leave me here alone tonight, am scared on my own.

Fii: “Adobea, don’t worry, am here”

Adobea went to take her shower while Fii sat on the sofa. He saw her album and started going through her pictures.

He realized that Adobea had taken pictures with top popular billionaires in the country, and one of them kept appearing in almost every picture, that was Adobea’s Dad.

Fii: ” Hmm, seems Adobea is really connected” He said to himself.

Adobea came out of the shower with just a white tower on her. Her fresh fragrance distracted Fii.

Fii looked up at her as she smeared lotion on her arms and legs. She looked splendid. Fii just wanted to grab her and kiss her immediately, but he kept it cool because he knew Adobea was not his girlfriend yet.

The feeling was mutual, the weird silent in the room gave rise to many lustful thought.

Suddenly she came closer to Fii on the sofa, stood right in front of him and said

“I have an answer for you now, but i will tell you mid way through”

Fii: “mid way through what, you are very mysterious”

Adobea: ” just shush ok. I hate men who talk alot” She said that jovially.

Adobea: “Fii”

She called, and sat on him on the sofa facing each other.

She looked straight into his eyes and held his head. She slowly landed a passionate kiss on his lips.

Fii held her curvy waist as the kiss was getting intense. Their breath got heavier, from a simple passionate kiss came a deep tongue wrestling kiss.

Fii’s hand found its way to her breast, where he began fondling it gently like mango. That moved aroused Adobea, she then took the towel off leaving her half-naked with just her pants on. She took off Fii’s shirt whiles sitting on him.

Its was now flesh to flesh, body to body, lips to lips, tongue to tongue. you can add yours
To be continued.


​”My Woman, My Everything”

Episode 6
Just as at when they entered the room, Mrs. Edwards also arrived at the hotel with the cab.
Fii on the other hand, just stayed putt as He waited for a signal from Adobea.

Back in the Hotel room, Mr. Edward was seated on the bed with his hand around Adobea.

Adobea : “Sir am not comfortable with this”

Mr.Edward: “Have told you not call me sir and don’t give me that excuse, you were comfortable kissing that boy in that manner right. Like i said earlier today you better comply or i will make sure you and that guy are expelled from the school.”

Having said this, He stood up and started undressing himself. Adobea quickly prompted Fii via text message without Mr. Edward noticing.

He undressed himself living his “boxer shots” and singlet.

He noticed that Adobea hadn’t made any move to undress herself. He got impatient and said

“i believe you are not going to do this in those jeans”

Adobea: “Sir, i can’t do this please”

Mr. Edward got furious, He hated the fact that Adobea was being stubborn and difficult. He couldn’t control himself any longer that he forcefully went on Adobea, tore her top and began to undress her. She kept pleading and weeping, begging him to stop.

Meanwhile Fii was finding it difficult to locate the room even though he knew the room number, however he eventually was successful amidst the delay.

He open the unlocked door gently only to find Mr. Edward forcing himself on Adobea and trying to undress her.

They both didn’t notice when Fii entered. Upon seeing this Fii wanted to just push away Mr Edward and rescue Adobea immediately, he needed to go by the plan. He took out a digital camera which he had in his pocket and took some shots of the incident.

Adobea saw him and quickly kicked Mr. Edward at his groin to rescue herself. She ran and stood by Fii who had already finished taking the pictures.

While Mr. Edward was still in pain he noticed that Adobea and Fii had outsmarted him.

Mr. Edward : “you will live to regret this, both of you”

Fii: ” Don’t even think about that Mr. I already have evidence, its your words against ours”

As soon as he saw the pictures his face dropped suddenly and began to beg.

Fii realized that Adobea was still in tears and was not comfortable around the scene. He took her by the hand and left Mr Edward who was still begging in the room.

Shortly after they left they met Mrs Edwards on their way.

Mrs Edward had no idea of who they were but was concern because she saw Adobea in tears and in tattered top.

Mrs. Edwards: “Young Man, whats wrong with her”

She asked Fii. He didn’t know the answer to give her, immediately Adobea intervene

Adobea: “Am having a stomach ache and we are on our way to the hospital” She lied.

Mrs. Edward: ” Sorry my dear, but can you please help me locate room 202?

Adobea and Fii got surprise as the room in question here was the same room Mr. Edward booked to carry out his unscrupulous actions.

Fii : ” Room 202?

Mrs. Edwards: ” yes, room 202, am meeting my husband here”

Fii: Husband? Mr …….
To be continued


​“My Woman, My Everything” 

Episode 5
where are you going at this time of the night?

“I will reply when all this is over” She said.

Fii didn’t expect to get that answer from her especially with all the things that happened

Later that night, As Mr. Edward was well dressed waiting for Adobea’s call. His wife knew that her husband was up to something as his behavior was suspicious.

Already, Mr. Edwards wife had heard rumors about him being involved with campus girls. There have been misunderstanding between them for this same reason, but since Mrs. Edwards had no proof of her allegation, her husband always got the upper hand.

She was just looking for the opportunity to unmask her husband. Suddenly, her husbands phone rang, it was an unknown number. When Mr. Edward answered the call, he left the presence of his wife to talk to the caller.

It was Adobea. It was obvious that it was a lady who called. Mrs. Edwards tried listening to the conversation but was to no avail.

On the other hand Mr. Edward gave Adobea location and time to meet him up. They were to meet at a hotel a bit isolated from the city were no one could see them.

Having secured the arrangement, Adobea quickly called Fii to meet her up at the same Hotel before her appointment with Mr. Edwards. The plan was to rescue her if Mr. Edwards tries to have intercourse with her.

When Adobea and Fii got to the venue, Adobea sat at the reception while Fii sat at the Hotel restaurant which was away from sight.

Meanwhile, Mr. Edward was yet to set off from his house.

Mrs Edwards :where are you going at this time of the night?

Mr. Edward: i have a meeting with my colleagues, it might take a while so don’t expect me home anytime soon.

Mrs. Edward: At this time of the night?

Mr. Edward: Yes!

The Hard look on his face prevented Mrs. Edwards from asking any further questions, but she knew what to do, she intended to secretly follow her husband to wherever he was going.

As soon as Mr. Edward drove off, she also board a cab and followed him.

Mr. Edward arrived at the hotel and saw Adobea seated at the reception. She was simply dressed in a blue skinny jeans and a white top.

Her long pony tail projected her face, she was just gorgeous and pretty. She wore a slight lip gloss that made her lips very tempting.

Upon seeing all this, Mr. Edward was pleased and imagine how the night will be so long and enjoyable.

He quickly went to counter to book a room. He then asked Adobea to follow him.

Adobea took out her phone and updated Fii who was also watching from a distance. She even gave him the room number that Mr. Edward had secured.

Just as at when they entered the room, Mrs. Edwards also arrived at the hotel with the cab.
To be continued.